Why the ‘Siren’ Changed Her Name to IC

Apostle_with_glasses_(1439)I’ve been blogging on my own site since 2012. Why did it take me so long? My day job as deputy book review editor of the Los Angeles Times was full of writing and blogging. When I left the paper, I missed seeing my words in print. I didn’t just miss it–I felt like I had withdrawal symptoms. Bad ones. Call of the Siren was my methadone.

It worked. The symptoms went away. The site blossomed with interesting conversations with practicing writers, publishers, and you, my beloved friends. I spent time surfing other people’s sites to see what they were talking about, and I discovered many people offering their writing and editing services. Some have great credentials; others don’t seem to have any at all. What the heck, I thought, why am I not in the mix?

Couldn’t a newspaper editor with writing chops and a novel in the works have something unique to offer?

I’ve worked in so many forms, print and digital, over my career that I’m surprised my eyeglass prescription isn’t worse. I’ve spent more hours thinking about audiences and messaging than probably went into making the newest Avengers movie.  I’ve also realized something else:

Everybody needs a sounding board.

Everyone. That includes the great ones … the almighty authors and journalists whose words seem to flow effortlessly from their pens (trust me they don’t; I’ve worked with a few of them over 20 years).

That’s why the Siren has changed her name. To make sure that anyone who uses written communications (which is pretty much everybody) will find help at this site. For big projects (novels, long pieces, etc.) and small ones (a blog post, a resume, a website bio, a tweet), I’ll give them the kinds of editorial support they need.

Communications move so fast today, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be impressive. (Okay, that line probably sounds cheesy, but I love it anyways.)

When you have time, check out what I have to offer. Send your questions to my gmail (on the “About” page) or else just add them to the comments thread for this post.

Onwards, my beloved friends.


6 thoughts on “Why the ‘Siren’ Changed Her Name to IC

  1. Nice post, Nick. I am so glad I worked with you. Having your guidance helped me clear my head and refocus. And I’m reposting this to my various sites. Thanks again. Janet

  2. Hello Nick, what a great choice of name for your blog and an even better offer to budding writers. There comes a point in anybody’s writing journey when an objective and experienced editor is essential. Established writers never fail to thank their editors in their published work. Publishers wouldn’t get anything on the market that hasn’t been viewed and reviewed by their editors. Seeking editorial help is not a weakness, but a strength!

  3. Thank you OGB … editors are vital to the entire process, start to finish. As always I appreciate your support and so happy that WordPress connected us!!

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