Slow down, breathe, write


Every person has a story to tell. Some people are lucky enough to even have two. What is yours? Why haven’t you started?

You are of a certain age, you have certain experiences under your belt … there is wisdom in your life that should be shared with others. You should write your book. Now. Stop waiting. You know what happens if you wait a year to get started?

You’ll be a year older…

Start getting the material on paper now. If you’re not sure what you have … if you’re not sure if there’s a strong enough narrative thread in your first 50 pages … if you can’t tell if you have a first draft, a zero draft (see my post about that) or a grocery list, I can help.

It starts with a phone call. There is no charge for that, my beloved friends. Let’s talk for 30 minutes or a full hour … whatever works best for you … just to see what you have, what your expectations are.

Your life experiences could take so many different shapes:

short stories

The most important thing to remember is to stick with it. Your voice is powerful. Every person has a powerful voice. The challenge is finding enough time–especially if you are juggling family life and a day job–to make sense of what you’ve got.

Shoot me an email if you want to talk ( If you’re not ready for that, no problem. No pressure. Just keep tuning in to my blog, and hopefully I’ll keep providing you with helpful insights along your own writer’s journey.

Onwards, my best beloveds.

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