Writing and the 6 a.m. brain

  Every writer has a different time of day that works for creative writing. As I retool my novel and prepare to cast it back into the marketplace, I realize why working early in the morning has been the best choice for me. As the day progresses, bad things happen to my brain. My thoughts … Continue reading Writing and the 6 a.m. brain

In endings are beginnings

The Call of the Siren was silent in the past several weeks as my mom's health turned and we lost her -- just as 2013 locked its doors and turned out the lights.When a loss is coming, we prepare for the worst -- for the pain and sorrow. We rarely think about silver linings. That's … Continue reading In endings are beginnings

Happiness for $10.99

What’s the definition of happiness? Driving home from Vegas this weekend, I realized that Sin City thinks it has some answers to that question. You start seeing them when you’re still miles out from the Strip, weaving through the desert on Interstate 15. One billboard says, Gourmet meal  $10.99 with a picture of a lobster … Continue reading Happiness for $10.99