Mystical Harrison

What do you sing at a friend's wake? It shouldn't be a sad song - do you really want to add dark clouds when the loss, especially like this one, is already so sad? My buddy was 48 and a regular tennis player ... and he collapsed on the court from a massive heart attack. He … Continue reading Mystical Harrison

A pale view of Hill

For I will consider my cat Jeoffry… We lost a major figure in the world of poetry at the end of June, Geoffrey Hill, and as I’ve scrolled through the posts of Call of the Siren, I realize I haven’t written very much lately … but when I have, some of it seems to have been … Continue reading A pale view of Hill

A Comic-Con footnote

I was standing outside the convention center for Comic-Con 2014 on Saturday -- it was hot and noisy, and waiting for the traffic signal to change was even more unpleasant because of the Christian evangelicals positioned at various crosswalks. As we waited to cross the street, they blasted our ears with their mini-speakers. All of us, … Continue reading A Comic-Con footnote