‘When a warrior is gone’… Seamus Heaney

Ah God, I thought we'd have Seamus Heaney for at least a few more years. The wispy white-haired Irish laureate died in Dublin today, at the age of 74, according to various media reports, and there are no words to properly express what he contributed to poetry and language during his immense career. He was … Continue reading ‘When a warrior is gone’… Seamus Heaney

Rowdy…robust…r.i.p. … poet John Hollander

Well, John Hollander couldn't live forever, could he? I thought he might. His poetry's  so rowdy and so robust that I figured, if the Grim Reaper showed up at his door, Hollander would tell him to #$%&@ off, and the Reaper would have to listen. Alas, that didn't happen. The New York Times reported the … Continue reading Rowdy…robust…r.i.p. … poet John Hollander

Poetry: More salt, please

Poet Michael Odom passed along a recent item from the UK edition of the Huff Post that illustrates poetry's continuing difficulties in the publishing marketplace. (Read Michael's work at Mao's Trap.) One of the big supporters of new and upcoming poets, Salt Publishing, has decided to scale back from publishing books solely devoted to a … Continue reading Poetry: More salt, please