Rowdy…robust…r.i.p. … poet John Hollander

Well, John Hollander couldn't live forever, could he? I thought he might. His poetry's  so rowdy and so robust that I figured, if the Grim Reaper showed up at his door, Hollander would tell him to #$%&@ off, and the Reaper would have to listen. Alas, that didn't happen. The New York Times reported the … Continue reading Rowdy…robust…r.i.p. … poet John Hollander

Tolkien’s household and poetic places

FAMILY MATTERS: Andrew O'Hehir gives a nice overview of Tolkien's "The Fall of Arthur" in the pages of the New York Times that only stumbles at the very end. A couple of reasons why Tolkien abandoned that poem, which his son Christopher notes in the new book, involved the pressures of work and his family. … Continue reading Tolkien’s household and poetic places

Reviews of Dan Brown’s latest … ugh

Another Dan Brown novel, another pack of smug reviews. Here’s my confession:  I’m already sick of the reviews of Brown’s "Inferno," and the book only pubbed a day ago. Reviewers say that Brown doesn’t do anything new in his latest, but here’s the thing: neither do they. The criticisms are predictable; the angles are all … Continue reading Reviews of Dan Brown’s latest … ugh